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Preston Vawdrey - The Metaverse Marketer
Preston Vawdrey

Helping small businesses grow and reach their marketing potential.

As a digital marketing professional, I help businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators build websites that make sense for their business. I like to call myself the “Metaverse Marketer” because I like to think of marketing as a stackable universe of options you can utilize to help your business grow.

Some businesses choose to grow using:

  • SEO
  • Community Building
  • Content Creation
  • Traditional Advertising
  • Paid Ads

But the secret to marketing is that almost no matter the business, all these avenues of marketing are viable. However, you need to be careful how you implement these strategies and that’s what makes the marketing world feel like a Metaverse. As someone with a vast experience in all sorts of different marketing mediums, I believe I can help you make good marketing decisions no matter what metaverse you choose to market in…

Why Metaverse Marketer? Because marketing in the digital age has gotten so complicated that every marketing channel feels a bit like a universe you need to master. Depending on your business, you may need to master a multitude of universes — kinda like a metaverse… 😉 

My philosophy is to help you master the marketing metaverse that leads to business success. Here’s why: 

Marketing used to be the “Mad Men” style of mass communication that influenced large groups of individuals according to their purchasing habits. But that was before everyone had phones. Most of us shared a perceived existence that couldn’t be fact-checked, canceled, or even influenced at times.

Thanks to the mobile phone, everyone is a customer to everyone else. Whether you are buying political opinions or selling designer clothes, everyone constantly participates and influences our new “meta.”

For more about me, scroll down or check out my blog

So I decided to create the Metaverse Marketer brand as a fundamental way to explore the topics relating to our emerging world. I believe that marketing is your brand’s way of not just telling a story, but creating your own meta.

If you do it correctly, the user experience feels better than just a successful marketing campaign, but an experience your users cherish and come back to time and time again.


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