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Web Design Services

As a Web Design Freelanceer, I offer services from WordPress and Shopify Web Design to SEO Digital Marketing Strategy To Help Your Business Grow

Hosting Support

I have years of experience managing and optimizing wordpress hosting services. If you need help or a new place to host your website, reach out today.

WordPress Web Design

As a Web Designer, I have spent years designing beautiful wordpress websites for a variety of clients. Reach out today to see if I can help you with your new website.

Shopify Web Design

As a shopify web designer and director at a prestigious web design agency, I have learned the secrets to helping businesses create ecommerce success. Reach out today to learn more.

SEO Web Design

Developing a good website requires a good eye for design, and a great eye for search engine optimization. With years of experience, I can help you get your website to the top of Google Search

Domain & Web Management

Launching a new website or need help finding a new domain? I can help you with domain research and brand development for your website.

Budget Web Development

As an expert in WordPress and Shopify web design & Development, I can help you choose the right platform with the right tools to build an amazing website.

SEO Web Design Service

With my monthly SEO services, I’ll optimize your website to improve its visibility and rank higher on Google search results. Say goodbye to being buried in the depths of search pages and hello to increased organic traffic and potential customers.

Call Today: 385-223-9920

WordPress Web Design Freelancer in Utah

As an experienced WordPress expert, I know the ins and outs of the platform. I can ensure that your website is not only visually stunning but also optimized for SEO. I have 5 years of experience developing and managing WordPress sites that consistently achieve top rankings on search engines.

Call Today: 385-223-9920

Get a Free SEO Consultation Call Today

Get a free SEO Consultation at no charge.

Shopify Freelance Web Designer

I have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help build amazing shopping experiences on Shopify. If you are a new eCommerce business or a seasoned retailer, I can help you build the website you need.

Call Today: 385-223-9920

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Freelance Web Designers Charge?

Depending on your needs and budget, you can usually find a web designer that fits your budget. You can generally expect a freelancer to charge between $500 and $5000 depending on how many pages you need designed, their experience, and location.

Do you help with website hosting?

Depending on your needs, I can either help you with some of the basics of managing your own hosting or I can charge a monthly fee to manage your website on my own partner hosting service.

Is WordPress or Shopify Better for eCommerce?

For my ecommerce clients, I insist on using Shopify. Its the more user friendly platform to get your business up and running and is much easier to integrate with proper marketing channels like Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Google.

How long will it take for an SEO Strategy to bring a return on investment?

This completely depends on your industry and the keywords you are looking to target. For a relatively easy keyword, I have been able to get my clients to start ranking in the top 5 search results in about 3-6 months. ROI depends on your product and service on those keywords.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

How much do web designers charge?

F0r my clients, I charge by the page and offer a 5 page – 1 month package that can get most businesses started at $500. Depending on your needs, this price may vary on external factors like hosting, theme, and your existing content.

Why is Web Design Important?

Web Design helps ensure you don’t waste your time or money on a website that doesn’t do what it needs to. Your website should operate as the central marketing hub for all your promotional activities.

If your website is poorly designed or optimized, you may risk wasting money on traffic that doesn’t convert.

Do Web Designers Code?

Some do, some don’t. I spend a lot of time learning and growing my abilities on WordPress and Shopify, so I have experience with HTML, CSS, and Shopify’s custom programming language – Liquid Web.

In general, Web designers know enough code to get by, but don’t necessarily need to program anything. Instead, they rely on existing tools like WordPress, Shopify, and existing frameworks to help assist them in designing great web experiences without needing to ever write code.

This allows customers to get a “budget” web developer without investing thousands of dollars on a custom solution.

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