Twelve Timbers Facebook ROAS

Done in collaboration with the team at SetFire Creative, I helped build and organize a Digital Marketing Campaign that reached as high as 13.75x Return on Ad Spend

The Results

“Jeez that’s actually amazing”

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of a redirection to see amazing results.

Initially when I started working with Twelve Timbers, they had a bevy of problems. They were stuck running ads and promotions all the time just to break even on their sales — a common pitfall for e-commerce brands. On top of that, their website tracking was poorly implemented by a previous agency and as a result they were feeding bad data to their ads and their team.

After a while managing their ads, I made two suggestions: 1) lets start over and make sure our tracking is setup properly and 2) instead of running a new promotion every month or two, lets just run a generalized promotional campaign for the entire store and let that ad run.

Initially, sales were slow (due to a reset in strategy, it took a while for data to pickup). But then after a couple weeks of low sales, we had a massive spike. 8 sales one week, 15 sales the next, and nearly 30 sales the week after that. All of this accumulated in a massive 13.75x return on their ad spend after just a couple adjustments to their ad campaign.

I’m really proud of the work I did and couldn’t have done it without amazing creative and copy created by the team I work with at SetFire creative.


Increase in sales over 6 weeks


New Conversion Rate


Return On Ad Spend