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Small Business Web Design in Idaho

As a digital marketer and web designer, I often encounter small businesses eager to establish a robust online presence. In this case study, I'll share an insightful journey with a small business in Idaho, which had yet to make its mark on the digital landscape. They needed a website to capture traffic, garner leads, and enhance their visibility online.

Highmark Electric - Small business wewb design project

Client Background

Client Profile:

  • Industry: Electrician
  • Location: Idaho
  • Challenge: Lacking an online presence to capture leads and rank on the internet.


  1. Build a New Website: To establish a digital foothold and capture online traffic.
  2. Refine Brand Materials: Streamlining and upgrading existing branding to resonate more effectively online.
  3. Develop a Small Business SEO Strategy: To enhance online visibility and ranking.

Small Business Web Design Process

Consultation and Strategy Development 

Like every project, this project started with a consultation where we outlined what needed to happen, and I asked questions to understand their vision to help build towards their business goals.

Highmark Electric - Small business wewb design project
Small Business Web Design Strategy In Idaho Graphic

Small Business Web Design Strategy In Idaho

I grew up in Idaho so I understand a lot about how the market and audience behave. One of the key elements of a good web design and SEO strategy is understanding what people are looking for. Usually, Electrical work is done on an as-needed or emergency basis so we focused on building out pages that would be easily found on Google search for some of the key services that Highmark Electric provided

Included Features and Technical Execution

WordPress Hosting:

Selecting a reliable and scalable hosting solution.

Premium Theme Selection:

Choosing a theme that aligns with the brand and offers user-friendly features.

Domain Connection:

Setting up a domain to establish brand identity.

Mobile Optimization:

Ensuring the website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Contact Forms and Conversion Elements:

Integrating user-friendly contact forms and optimizing for conversions.


Implementing refined brand elements into the web design.


Developing and executing a tailored SEO strategy.


Deploying the website and ensuring all functionalities are optimized.

Web Design for Electrician - Results

Mockups of Small Business Web Design project - HighMark Electric of SEI

Let's work together

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The process was a great experience. Very efficient, responsive, and the site incorporates my expectations!

Dana BallFounder, Avanta Business Law

Our website is a Big upgrade from what we were working with previously and we are excited for the future.

Charles ClarkCEO at Clark and Covet

I worked with Preston to create a fresh vibrant website for our shopify store. He was patient and informative. He listened to our story and created exactly what we'd imagined it could become. Thank you Preston for all your support and for sharing your skills!

Cheryl BednarCEO at Superior Stencils

What an amazing experience. Preston and his team were amazing. Great communication, follow through, and such a great end result. I could not be happier. I am so glad I built my website with them!

Brandi JohnsMarketing Manager, Keystone Construction

I was lucky enough to find Big Red Jelly while researching pros to help me build and maintain my website, and provide technical and creativity support. I’ve been blown away with how good this team is!

Ron WallaceCEO at Stewie Artistic Creations